Maneuver and Values-Based Leadership in Business

Interactive forum for the exchange of ideas pertaining to: the experiences of the change management consulting and hands-on leadership training firm, Santamaria & Martino LLC and the message of our book, The Marine Corps Way, which applies military strategy and leadership to business

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Welcome to our weblog (more commonly known as a “blog”). We hope you find our postings relevant and interesting, and we strongly encourage you to post your own questions, comments, and insights.

For the past two years, our firm, Santamaria & Martino LLC, has been helping companies: 1) formulate and implement strategy, 2) encourage behavioral and cultural change, and 3) develop leadership capacity. Owing to our extensive interaction with a large number of talented clients and bright readers, our ideas and approach, which trace their origins to our book, The Marine Corps Way, have evolved considerably.

With this blog, our intent is to build upon our interaction with you and create something more than a monthly newsletter. By sharing our experiences and lessons learned and soliciting your feedback and insights, we hope to establish a forum for the exchange of ideas pertaining to maneuver and values-based leadership in business.

On the fifth day of each month, we will post our thoughts on a real-world challenge that one or many of our clients have faced. Specific topics we plan to cover through the end of 2005 include:

  • How to sell solutions instead of pushing products
  • How to encourage behavioral and cultural change in your organization through: cascading communication of intent, formulation of meaningful core values, and recognition of superior achievement
  • How to develop leaders through “hands-on” experiential learning opportunities
  • How to accelerate time-to-market (for you techies, we’ll be talking about our experience with agile development methodologies here)
  • How to break down barriers to cross-functional cooperation
  • Anything else that you suggest

As the repeated use of “how to” suggests, all postings will be practical, tangible, and fact-based. Each will include a description of the challenge faced, the actual steps we took to resolve it, and “lessons learned” that can be generalized to similar situations.

Please send an e-mail to if you would like us to notify you of new postings, which will occur on the fifth day of each month


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